good skin squad: meet christina yanello aka @barefacedfemme

part 4 of our conversation series featuring our Micro-Pore Mist ambassadors. we talk skin journeys and loving the skin you are in through it all!
by: clear start
good skin squad: meet christina yanello aka @barefacedfemme

Introducing the Good Skin Squad, a new blog series featuring conversations with real people about their skin journey and everything acne.

To start things off, we checked in with brand ambassadors featured in the launch of our latest: Micro-Pore Mist. In honor of our one-spritz wonder, we asked them questions on everything skin care and how to love your skin through wherever you are in your skin journey. Next up is Christina Yanello (@barefacedfemme), our favorite passionate skin positivity advocate and wellness enthusiast.

first off, tell us about your skin!

Currently my skin type is oily! I mostly breakout along my mouth and jaw, as the majority of my breakouts now are hormonal. I also have blackheads all along my nose and chin.

walk us through your daily skincare routine please! we LOVE details…

  1. First thing I do in the morning is roll my face with my rose quartz face roller, rather than reaching for my phone!
  2. Next up I drink a big ole glass of water and wash my face!
  3. I double cleanse with the 1+1 method, so I use an oil cleansing balm first, then I follow up with a gel cleanser, always love to reach for my Clear Start Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash!
  4. After cleansing I love to tone! I either apply toner with a cotton pad or with my hands!
  5. Next up is it’s time to treat my skin! I love to use some type of light-weight treatment. I love to reach for Clear Start FlashFoliant since it has AHA and BHA to help protect my skin during the day and prevent any future breakouts and blemishes. Some of my favorite ingredients include niacinamide, rosehip seed oil, vitamin-c, green tea extract, and aloe!
  6. Once I let each layer of my skincare set, I then apply an SPF, I love the Clear Start Clearing Defense SPF 30! I was always wary of sunblock and used to believe that it will cause you to break out, but I love how Clearing Defense diminished my prior fears and actually helps me to prevent acne scarring and assists in helping me control my hyperpigmentation.

any favorite skincare ingredients? 

My favorite skincare ingredient is rosehip seed oil! It contains both Vitamin A and C. Vitamin C is known to assist in brightening the skin and to produce collagen. Vitamin A is a retinoid that helps to clear out your pores! Many think that an oil will cause you to break out, but this oil is rated 0-1 on the comedogenic scale. The comedogenic scale measures how likely skincare ingredients, such as oils and butters, are likely to clog your pores and cause breakouts.

biggest myth you'd like to bust about acne?

Not all oils will cause you to break out! Look into the comedogenic scale!  

craziest thing you've done to try and treat a breakout?

This is …insane …. But I used rubbing alcohol as toner. Never would I EVER do this again, but I did it back in the day, before I had any knowledge of how terrible it is for your skin. I just assumed it would dry up my pimples but after a few days of use my skin became so irritated and I looked like a tomato. (editor's note: it goes without saying, but don't do this! we all live and learn. 😉)

best lesson you’ve learned about acne in your journey?

CONFIDENCE! Crazy enough as it seems! I used to believe that I would be happy once my skin is clear, I was SO wrong. I learned that once you feel good and confident in your skin, whether it is blemished, scarred, or clear, that is true happiness. One of the times I have felt the most confident was on my acne journey while on Accutane. The confidence we feel within ourselves will glow and radiate outwards, and to me, that is true and real beauty.

how has your skin changed over time? did that affect your routine?

Skin is bound to change over-time! We’re constantly growing and changing, plus our environments are evolving, as well! It’s normal to switch out products or even bring some older products back. My skin is very sensitive to the environment I am in so I am conscious to change my routine. I do sometimes get nervous incorporating new products in, as I don’t know how they would react with another, but start slow and be minimal at first. My skin has gone from clear, to breaking out, to breaking out severely to even I don’t even have skin, it’s all acne. When I was at this point I honestly stopped using products, stuck to the bare minimum: water, moisturizer, and SPF when I was on Accutane. Once my skin started to clear up I slowly added in a gentle hydrating cleanser and took it from there!

what is your absolute must-have in a skincare routine that people may be missing?

I HIGHLY recommend BHA! It is oil soluble so it penetrates deeper into your pores. Because of this, it’s great for oiler skin types, such as those who are acne prone. As it is better able to deeply penetrate the layers of the epidermis, it is great at clearing sebum, treating acne and blackheads, as well as stimulating collagen production (great for treating those acne scars!). I also love the antibacterial properties! It’s easy to incorporate whether with a treatment, like Clear Start FlashFoliant or in a toner! Just make sure to wear SPF!!

how do you select skincare products for your routine when there is so much out there? any advice? 

Read ingredients and get to know which ones work for your skin type! It’s all trial and error so don’t get discouraged if you come across a product that doesn’t work for you but is hyped up by everyone else. I love to follow people online who have a similar skin-type to me and hear their thoughts. I also encourage fellow skincare junkies to reach out to brands via DM and ask them questions! Most brands are very responsive and happy to answer any questions! Don’t be afraid to do some research and enjoy the ride!

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